Tuesday, 6 November 2012

spring cleaning frenzy...

"Product Talk by Nuffnang"

Hi all,
I know I know, we are half way into spring already, but I have been a bit slow off the mark with my spring cleaning. I guess I've been busy with work and obsessed with painting old bits and pieces in my spare time...until now!
Once again I've been given the opportunity to review a new product, and boy was I excited when the parcel came on Friday. 
Introducing the new Dettol Power & Pure range, for powerful cleaning with no harsh chemical
residue, just in time for my spring clean frenzy!

Here's little bit of Product Information.
New Dettol Power & Pure harnesses the power of its active oxygen formula to penetrate and
dissolve tough grease and soap scum while the active ingredient breaks down into water and
oxygen, leaving no harsh chemical residue behind.
And as it is from Dettol you can trust it kills 99.9%* of germs
*Such as E. Coli & Salmonella.

Take a look at these revolting venetian blinds we have permanently closed at a small window at the front of the house. This window faces straight into the next door neighbours bedroom and as there are many windows in this room, we can certainly do without having the blinds open. However as they have been closed for so long, much to my horror when I turned them over I discovered mould has grown on the other side of the blinds in a bad bad way!

Time to try the new Dettol Multipurpose Spray!
Despite this being a very fiddly process, the mould came off quite well...

I can't believe I didn't know what was growing on the other side!
So needless to say I set out to attack every other problem area in the house, bathroom to bedroom, kitchen to lounge, wiping down every surface I could find.
The bathroom came up a treat after my teenage daughter decided she wanted to be spray tanned in the bathtub....!
I'm currently working on another chalk paint project on a bigger scale (I will reveal the finished product at a later date), but before I could begin, the piece needed a thorough clean up after sitting under the house for over 5 years.

Time to get to work....jasper has come to help!
So yes I'm pretty happy with these new products, I've always been a fan of the traditional Dettol to keep things germ free and the fact that it doesn't leave a harsh chemical residue is a winner especially when I take it up to the farm where our septic system doesn't cope with strong chemicals. I like the easy trigger bottles and the bathroom spray comes out in a light foam which stays put for longer!

The new Dettol Power & Pure range consists of a Multipurpose Spray for
Kitchen messes with an Oxygen Splash fragrance, and a Bathroom spray, ideal for removing
tough soap scum. Available in Fresh Mountain Spring Fragrance.
You can buy these at your local supermarket and if you want more info you can visit the website

Ok enough cleaning already, I'm worn out, I've also managed to drag a heap of old junk out from under the house onto the nature strip for this weeks kerbside collection...suddenly I feel so free!
( I did pick up a little tripod side table from the pile of a cute little old man with a cute little Japanese wife who drive a cute little noddy car..)

Happy cleaning everyone.
Bec x


  1. Wow...it looks like this really works. I may have to see if I can find some. Thank you for visiting me the other day....happy to have found you. Happy week to you.

    1. Yep I think it's pretty good...thanks for dropping by too!
      enjoy your week!
      Bec x

  2. You really do have some energy you know.
    I'm going for a nap ;O) Seriously!!! ;O)
    Tania xx

    1. lol...I think I need one too now...as for the energy it's fading fast...we are pouring concrete this weekend so I better pace myself :)
      Bec x